Introducing "Marble As Art" designer Barrissa

This web site plus the domains and and 800 acres of in-place marble inventory at Marble Canyon (see Contact 'Partner' Bobby, at 503-753-5868 or or the internationally aclaimed designer Bernadette, who happens to be the poor suffering mother of femme fatale, and flighty, Barissa.

Marble Boutique

The premise of this site is that we are a very exclusive gallery handling some of the most exquisite art work ever done — the creation of marble.

It was no accident that Michaelalengo’s preferred media was a almost translucent Carrara. Unfortunately it is difficult to find today the special “living” stone described by Irving Stone (himself) in his book, The Agony And The Ecstasy, that is today known as, David.

Search big box stone-yards, rock supplier warehouses, import wholesalers for David quality Carrara and you may find the process to be a tedious task. As if a fine wine that doesn't travel well, or a cheese that demands a finesse in the aging process, you really need a “broker” with a designer’s eye to connect direct to marble quarries to find those special reserves.

At the moment we are waiting patiently for a new Nevada quarry coming online to conclude negations on supplying an incredibly superior white to sheath a planned skyscraper (one does not change shades between the 12th and 14th floor), to see if they will set aside the best of the best for our clients.

As for those “one of a kind” colors, unusual patterns, special order shapes, we are trying to speed the process by using the Internet in an intelligent way.

At the moment I think we could —perhaps— promise to deliver in a somewhat reasonable period of time a custom corporate boardroom “pinstripe,” or a “cloudstone” table top; a “Desert Rose” wash basin; and a free flowing entry way out of the almost frame-able Nevada “Mustang Mane.”

It is almost an oxymoron when dealing with “exclusivity,” to broadcast what you may need to make a decision. For this reason, and the protection of our clients, we request that a bona fide response to this very niche´cyber store be made by e-mail to me personally — Bernadette , the responsible long suffering mother of Barrissa.

In lieu of having a showroom of ordinary samples, I like to work as a fashion consultant, on a one-to-one basis. This is my background, but I seem to have substituted a love of fabrics in my life, for rock patterns. How this came about may take a bit of explaining. This will require plain truth— as admitting my picture is slightly-out-of-date.

You may also need to know that underneath my Miami fashion scene persona (model, window designer, garment buyer) is a practical, tough as nails, Oregon raised girl that can out-hike most macho men, and knows how to survive in the woods by building a fire with a shoestring and two pieces of wood!

Also, understand that as availability of marble in-place, ready to be sawn in a direction that best brings out what is hidden within, is very limited. Most likely I am in the field at the moment — to be exact, at this moment— I am following down a rumor of a emerald green birds-eye and the most illusive of all, a true jet black marble, so please be patient if I am out of contact for a day or two.

Introducing "Marble As Art" designer Barrissa

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